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The Top Features To Look For In A New Highchair For Your Baby

As new parents, we always want what is best for our babies especially when it comes to their nutrition. One of the most important things they need is a secure and comfortable highchair. With so many highchairs on the market, choosing the right one for your baby can be overwhelming. To make things easier for you, we have listed down the top features you should consider when purchasing a new highchair for your baby.

Safety First

The most important feature to look for in a highchair is safety. This should always be your top priority. Check for certifications, such as the JPMA seal, which shows the product has undergone extensive safety testing. Make sure the highchair comes with a five-point harness to keep your baby secure and prevent them from falling out of the chair. Additionally, check the stability of the highchair and make sure it doesn’t tip over easily.


To encourage your baby to sit in their highchair and enjoy their meals, comfort is just as important as safety. Look for a highchair with a well-padded seat and backrest. Find one that has an adjustable footrest and a tray that can be adjusted to fit your baby’s size. A highchair with a reclining seat can also be beneficial if your baby still needs to be fed in a semi-reclined position.


You want a highchair that will last beyond the first few months of your baby’s life. Find one that is made from sturdy materials that can withstand daily use and won’t break easily. Additionally, look for highchairs that can accommodate your baby’s weight as they grow, ideally up to 50 pounds.

Ease of Use and Clean-up

Let’s face it; babies can be messy during mealtime. Look for a highchair with a removable tray that can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. A highchair with washable, removable covers or pads can also make the clean-up process quicker and more convenient. Additionally, consider the ease of folding and storing the highchair when not in use.

Additional Features

Highchairs that come with extra features can make your life easier, such as wheels to move the highchair around the house, an adjustable height to fit different table heights, or a storage basket underneath the seat to store bibs, utensils, and other essentials.

A highchair is an essential item when it comes to your baby’s nutrition and comfort. When choosing a highchair, safety should be your top priority, followed by comfort, durability, ease of use, and additional features. We hope our guide helps you make a confident decision when purchasing a new highchair for your little one. Happy feeding!