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The best partner for ship repair services in international waters

Nothing is more inconvenient than having a ship laying in international waters that needs repair. If you are in need of a no-nonsense partner when it comes to international ship repair, Antwerp Underwater Solutions is the company for you. The certified divers make a strong coherent team which work their way through every problem. For example, they carry out a temporary repair to enable passage to the harbor of your choice. If needed, a ‘dry environment’-repair is executed with a cofferdam to reach the best result.

Extensive services for your vessel

Whatever the problem it is that you are facing, these professionals offer the best optimum solution to improve your business. With more than 20 years of experience they know exactly what your vessel needs. Antwerp Underwater Solutions offer an extensive amount of services when it comes to ship repair and maintenance. Think about:

  • Re-tightening bolts to ensure the vessel is safe and strong
  • Cleaning sea chests to prevent rust and defense damage
  • Rudder maintenance for optimal speed during the journey
  • Docking in a dry-dock for extensive repairs, maintenance or other activities
  • Blanking overboard valves
  • Welding new anodes to replace depleted ones for safety
  • Replacement and clearing of propellers, rope guards, echo sounder or speed log to prevent unexpected damages

24/7 available assistance

Next to the extensive services Antwerp Underwater Solutions provide, they also make sure they are available 24/7! Has your vessel broken down in international waters and are you in need of a quick ship repair service? This company knows how to keep your vessel sailing! Whether it is an urgent repair or planned maintenance, their services are always available. Make sure to contact them by calling or send an email. You can always explore the various options of vessel repair and maintenance on their website at ‘Impressions’.