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The benefits a 5D bend offers

Do you plan to use a 5D bend for your off-shore or maritime project? This is a good decision! A 5D bend is a very strong tool, that has a bigger size than a standard bend. This larger size allows a 5D bend to transport corrosive fluids, whereas a standard bend would not be able to. This makes a 5D bend an perfect option for your off-shore or maritime project. However, this thicker measurement makes it a product that is hard to produce and many sellers only produce it at request. At PipingMarket.eu you can find these products available in stock at their online store.

A barred tee provides safer maintenance operations

Maintenance is an important aspect of a safe pipeline. This should be considered during construction. You can use a barred tee for this function. This is a unique type of fitting, that has a cage-like structure inside. The structure of a barred tee guides pigs to move freely within the pipeline, because it is stopped moving into areas it should not go. This is important, when your pipeline seperates to smaller pipes, which could get clogged by the maintenance pig. Do you want to use a barred tee for your project? Then you should browse the collection of PipingMarket.eu. They have a variety of products available for you.   

Consult our experts for professional advice on your project

There is a large variety available for the construction of a pipeline, but what is the most optimal choice for your project? This can be a a difficult question to answer. You can always contact, the leading online specialist on pipelines, PipingMarket.eu. Do you want additional information about a 5D bend or a barred tee? Their website provides useful information on all their available products However, for any additional questions, you can always consult their helpdesk.