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Reduce the dietary cation anion difference by using the expertise of this company

Farm animals need proper nutrition to function properly. By giving dairy cows the right minerals and supplying them with sustenance that carries a high nutritional value, the end result will be far better. By taking care for example, of the dietary cation anion difference, you will help restore the calcium level in the animal to its proper balance. Especially during calving, the calcium demand of dairy cows can increase significantly. Due to the production of colostrum, the animal uses calcium as a resource. With anionic salts like KatAn®, the calcium shortage is taken care off. This means that you as a farmer can worry less and enjoy a more favorable end product and production rate.

How does it actually work?

How can the dietary cation anion difference be resolved? When you are feeding a cow the typically dry ration, you will cause a positive difference, meaning that the cations will exist in excess of the anions. This can lead to an alkaloid metabolic state, rendering the parathyroid hormone receptors non-functional. Resolving this problem is where the product by Kimtec International comes in. This company is specialized in developing products for the animal feed industry and can provide you with high-quality products such as KatAn®. To prevent milk fever, which is a severe calcium deficiency, you could give this product to your cows and restore the dietary cation anion difference.

Contact the specialists

Kimtec International can help you on many different levels in terms of animal nutritional supplements. Next to the resolving of a dietary cation anion difference, they can help you in reducing numerous problems in the mineral balance of your animals. Contact these specialists and ask them about any problems you might be facing. They will help you with professional advice and point out the products that are best for you. This way, Kimtec International has been helping animal health in these types of industries for many years.