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New employee advice

Make all preparations for the arrival of employees and prepare for the first day of employees. A previous article emphasized the ten best ways to dismiss new employees. Many of these have to do with the organization’s failure to be ready to welcome new employees from the start. These projects seem very simple. For example, don’t require an employee to start work within a week of his or her new boss’s absence. Don’t arrange new employees without preparing a work area. Show respect for new employees. Develop a list of preparations for new employees, including assigning computers or laptops, installing necessary software programs, preparing desks and cubicles or offices, providing mail access rights and e-mail accounts, etc. Every office needs a checklist and an employee to complete these items before the new employee starts a new job.


Decorate the new employee’s office area with welcome signs, flowers and snacks. Let your employees’ weirdness and work culture be reflected in the items you provide to welcome new employees. Company stolen goods are also appreciated. A cup with the company logo and other welcoming items will make him or her feel at home quickly. How to welcome new employees on the first day Make sure that the schedule for the first day is full of interviews and onboarding activities. Arrange most of the day’s with the new employee’s chef and mentor. This is our last attempt to make impression with positive idea on new employees. Don’t waste a day, nothing but paperwork and human resource meetings. This day is to establish contact with bosses, mentors and colleagues, not to fill out forms.


Prepare in advance an onboarding schedule customized according to the needs of the department and new employees. Make sure that the onboarding schedule only takes up a portion of the day so that the new employee can immediately feel productive in his or her new job. For example, a company requires employees’ managers to develop a 120-day onboarding plan to provide employees with new things to learn every day. The employee’s chef and mentor are responsible for creating, sharing, and monitoring the onboarding schedule. Make sure that the new employee can get meeting with the HR manager on the first day so that he or she can ask questions about benefits, policies, and compensation. HR works with managers and mentors to tell the new employee what he or she needs to know, and introduces the culture and organization’s expectations of the employee. This is also an opportunity to start communicating the value of your comprehensive benefit package.


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