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Fruit flavor in e-cigarette can remain, Blokhuis says

The fruit-flavored e-cigarette, which is popular among young people, will remain for sale for the time being, also online. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis is not in favor of a ban, as doctors ask. Kiwi flavour, strawberry flavour, coconut, chocolate: everything is possible. And fruit-flavored e-cigarettes may continue to be sold in the Netherlands for the time being. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis does not respond to the call from pediatricians to ban the flavours.

Youth population

Pediatricians are very concerned about the fruit-flavored e-cigarettes popular with young people, and have recently asked the cabinet to ban all e-cigarettes. According to the Dutch Association for Pediatrics, the candy-like flavors are so attractive to young people that they are more likely to start using e-cigarettes, which, just like regular cigarettes, contain the highly addictive nicotine. E cigarette storeis cheap. E-cigarettes are now more popular among high school students than ‘regular’ tobacco. Among 16-year-olds, 36 percent already have vaping experience. Pulmonologists have also recently requested a total ban.

‘Very disturbing development’

On the one hand, State Secretary Blokhuis believes that there should be ‘no place for the e-cigarette’ for young people growing up and calls it ‘a very disturbing development that so many young people try an e-cigarette or shisha pen’, he reports in answers to parliamentary questions. of the SP. According to him, research by the RIVM has shown that the sweet and fruity flavors in particular ‘contribute to the attractiveness of e-cigarettes for young people’. Legally it is possible to ban the fruit flavors from the shelves in the Netherlands. “A possibility has been included in the Tobacco Products Directive to ban flavors for e-cigarettes at a national level,” Blokhuis said. Hungary, for example, has already done so.

But the cabinet is opting for a different approach, agreements such as those recently made about smoking in the National Prevention Agreement. With regard to e-cigarettes, it has been agreed that from now on it may no longer be lit at work or in a restaurant, where a smoking ban applies. From 2022, the rules will become even stricter, if e-cigarettes, just like regular cigarettes, can no longer be displayed ‘visibly’ in shops and may only be sold in packs without a logo.

Mysterious Lung Disease

However, stricter controls on online sales to young people will be introduced in the near future. According to the State Secretary, this is not yet possible, because a method has to be developed first. Young people buy the cigarettes online, where they can easily circumvent the age limit of 18 years.

Many factions in the House of Representatives recently showed that this does not go far enough. GroenLinks, SP, PvdA and ChristenUnie already want a total ban on e-cigarettes, with the ChristenUnie pointing to examples such as Michigan and New York, states in the US where fruit-flavored e-cigarettes are already banned. buy e liquid uk mr-joy.co.ukfor more information. The CDA also asked Blokhuis to act quickly because of the unrest. Reports come from the US of hundreds of people suffering from a mysterious lung disease believed to be caused by e-cigarettes.