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Easy ways to instill a corporate identity

A corporate identity is very important, not just for the positioning of the company in the minds of customers but also in the minds of the employees. If your company’s corporate identity is unclear, it can mean chaos for everyone involved. People won’t know or understand the value of your company and employees will be confused about how they need to work or act. 

A corporate identity isn’t just something to be applied on the internet such as social media or a website, that is only part of it. If you want to know other places in your company where your corporate identity can be instilled, keep reading.

In your e-mail

Your e-mail can be classified as your digital business card. If customers need or want to get into contact with our business, the first thing they will look for is a phone number or e-mail. This is a very important place to instill your corporate identity. You can do quite a lot here such as implementing the colors of your company in your e-mail, the tone of voice you want to reflect your company, and even a really nice automatic signature with the logo of your company.

In business presentations

Showing your corporate identity in business presentations will bring a united feeling to employees. Having your company logo as well as the company colors in the slides of a PowerPoint presentation is a great way of doing this. Having an official PowerPoint slide design with the logo and colors of the company available for the employees to use will also be a good way to instill corporate identity.

In the warehouse

Introducing your company’s colors into the warehouse can also be a great idea, the workers there also should be able to experience the corporate identity. This can be done easily by getting mezzanine floors from Nolte which offers to have the floors custom-made in whatever colors you want. Not only will your warehouse have extra storage that can be taken down when the storage isn’t needed, but it will also have the company colors brought in that workspace in an efficient way.