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Discover the Best Rated Smart Televisions 60-75 inch of 2023

Finding the perfect TV for your home can be quite a daunting task. With the plethora of options available in the market, choosing a television that meets all your expectations in terms of features and specifications can be overwhelming. However, if you are looking for a smart TV with a larger screen size of 60-75 inches, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will take you through the best-rated smart televisions sizes of 60-75 inches in the year 2023. We have done all the research for you and have come up with a list of top picks that will suit all your needs.

Samsung QN94A

Samsung QN94A is undeniably one of the best smart televisions available in the market today. Its sleek design, impressive picture quality, and a wide range of features make it an excellent choice for any home. The QN94A comes with a screen size of 75 inches, and it delivers an unparalleled TV watching experience with its 4K resolution and quantum matrix technology. Additionally, Samsung’s Tizen operating system allows you to enjoy multiple streaming services with ease.


LG C1 is one of the most advanced OLED TVs available today. With a 65-inch screen size, the TV delivers stunning visuals with its OLED panels and 4K resolution. Also, the TV comes with several features that make it an excellent choice for any smart home, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and LG’s webOS platform. The TV is also compatible with Dolby Atmos to provide an immersive sound experience.

Sony A8H

Sony A8H is also one of the best-rated televisions available in the market today. The TV comes with a 65-inch OLED screen that delivers stunning picture quality with vivid colors and deep blacks. The TV is also equipped with several features such as Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor, Dolby Vision, and Alexa compatibility. Sony’s Android TV operating system also allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies with ease.

TCL 6-Series

For people who are looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on features, the TCL 6-Series is an excellent choice. This TV has a 65-inch screen size, and it comes with features such as Dolby Vision, Roku operating system, and built-in voice control. The TV also has a QLED panel that delivers stunning visuals with rich colors and contrasts.

LG Nano91

LG Nano91 is another fantastic option for anyone looking for a smart television that delivers high-quality visuals and advanced features. The TV comes with a 75-inch screen size and 4K resolution. It also has several features such as LG’s webOS operating system, Dolby Vision, Alexa compatibility, and AI ThinQ technology that enables the TV to learn your preferences and suggest movies and TV shows based on your interests.

In conclusion, choosing the right smart television with a screen size of 60-75 inches can be a challenging task. But, with the above top picks of the best-rated smart televisions in the market in the year 2023, we hope you can make an informed decision. We believe that the Samsung QN94A, LG C1, Sony A8H, TCL 6-Series, and LG Nano91 are some of the best smart televisions in the market today. These TVs come with advanced features and specifications that deliver high-quality visuals and a great TV watching experience. You can never go wrong with any of these options when it comes to your next TV purchase.