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Developing intuition

the little voice in your head, the angel on your shoulder. The indefinable “I don’t know why, but it just feels good.” Everyone has intuition, and when you listen to it you will be amazed at what you know deep down.

In recent years, listening to your feelings is no longer something “vague” that cannot be substantiated with arguments. On the contrary, intuition is increasingly seen as a source of meaningful information and an indispensable addition to rational thinking, also by scientists and sober thinkers.

What exactly is intuition?

Intuition is a source of knowledge that has little to do with predicting the future, but everything to do with the way you store and process information in your brain. Simply put, intuition is the way your subconscious self-communicates messages to your conscious, thinking self.

That subconscious mind is the part of your brain that absorbs just about everything you perceive: what you feel, hear, taste, dream, your memories, stories and experiences from the past. Your subconscious filters, weighs, combines and compares.

Different forms of intuition; remote viewing

Remote viewing has been described as a technique that enables us to see things that you should not be able to see according to the laws of our “physical world”. For example because they are at a very great distance from us. Or because they are shielded, like a photo in a closed envelope. So, “viewing from a distance” is about seeing something that “is not physically visible”. And the reason that is, according to the principles of “remote viewing”, is that the information about what you can see is available.

The next step, mediumship

If you like to develop further in this area after the intuitive development, you can take a next step that links up with this. You will then learn to make contact with the Spiritual World, learn to communicate with loved ones through a photo, name or spontaneously and learn how to “feel” the Spiritual World. Develop psychic abilities. This development moment is intended for people who already have some experience in the field of intuitive development.